We are leveraging technology to provide cashless funds transfers to all.

TransferImpact enables individuals to give funds to people who are currently experiencing homelessness. The homeless will receive the funds on a card, enabling them to purchase items of necessities, like shoes, clothes, underwear, socks, razors, etc.


You can donate directly to the following people experiencing homelessness*, and the funds will enable them to get access only items of necessities. 100% of all donations go directly to these individuals. Keep scrolling...




Kenya is currently homeless and lives in and out of her grandmother, and friends’ apartment. At an early age, Kenya was diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress (PTS) disorder and previously hasn’t been able to keep a job because she need a stable work environment. She’s been homeless for 10 years, & currently has a baby.

She recently landed a job, and is looking to save up money. She’s had a difficult time finding housing, because landlords think she’s too young. Additionally, because she lacks the necessary paperwork for her child, she can't access all the assistance for her baby through the government. Her basic needs are diapers, food, and underwear.



David is currently homeless. He pays $20/night to stay in the Internet Café, because it’s safer than staying in a NYC shelter.

Unfortunately, throughout his life, he’s had to battle alcoholism that has separated him from his family and loved one.

Today, he’s working on improving himself, and has entered a Detox program. His needs are still the basic essentials – underwear, razors, food.

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Sarah is currently experiencing homelessness in NYC. She's found herself on hard times, but is currently doing all she can to get back on her feet. 

In the past, she's dealt with alcohol issues, but recently, she's been consistently attending AA meetings, and getting her life back on track.

Come partner with her, in her journey, and enable her to get access to items of necessitates. Once her basis needs are met, she can focus her energy on progressing to the next step! 



This is Willy. He is originally from San Jose, Texas, and spent his adult life working as a dishwasher, cleaner, and handyman. However, after a storm hit Texas, he lost everything and had suto find move around to look for a new place to settle. At 67, Willy finds himself in New York City, trying to get access to benefits and housing.

In speaking with him, one of this he would like to access to are a pair of pants, in addition to other items of necessities. Please consider contributing to support him in his journey. 



Meet Brian. The recent progress Brian has made in his life is worth applauding!! 

Growing up Brian didn't drink in his teens or his 20s. However, when he turned 31, he started hanging out with his friends in the sports bar. He would drink with them while watching a game, but he noticed that when his friend went him, he continued drink. He should have gone home, but he wasn't. He knew his problem was bad when he would wake up in the morning and drink. 

As of November, he's been sober for 14 days, and counting! He stays away from any temptations to drink, and is enrolled in a recovery program that provides the support he needs to keep on the right track, and look for a stable job. His current basic needs are razors, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other toiletries. Click the link to support and encourage him!

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This Carlos. He's from Queens and is currently experiencing homelessness. Unfortunately, at a young age, Carlos was experiencing head pain and went to the doctor. The doctors found a blood clot on the right side of his brain and it was so severe he needed to get an operation done as soon as possible. 

After the surgery, he felt better, but was never able to hold down a permanent job. He's been able to get short-terms jobs, but cannot afford housing. While he's getting his paperwork together, and enrolling in other benefit program, he still need access to basic necessities like razors, a jacket, toothbrush, toothpaste, and etc.

*Names and identities have been changed to protect the privacy of these individuals!

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